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Global Trademark Registration

Global Trademark Registration

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2. Register a trademark

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Why register your trademark?

A trademark registration gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark as a special symbol for your goods and/or services.

A trademark represents your identity in the marketplace. A trademark may signalize a certain quality, a life style or reputation, and can be particularly valuable when marketing your goods and services.

A trademark is usually the result of considerable investment of time and resources and the costs are often considerable. It is therefore important to safeguard the sole rights to your trademark.

Registration gives you exclusive rights, preventing others from using a trademark which can be confused with yours for goods and services of the same or similar type as yours is registered for.

By being able to document your rights, you have a sound basis for negotiating finance for your development costs and for entering into sales and licensing agreements with others.

These rights apply to use of the mark on the goods themselves, on the packaging, in advertising, in business documents, in verbal description or otherwise.

How is the process for a trademark registration?

Once we have received your trademark registration order we will instantly send you an confirmation email.

First, we check whether the mark being registered is entitled to protection (absolute grounds of refusal). Not all marks may be registered as trademarks. For instance, merely descriptive information for the respective goods and services may not be registered as a trademark. These marks are to be freely useable for everyone.

A trademark lawyer will then prepare the application and especially draft the correct wording for the list of goods and services.

Afterwards, we send you our power of attorney form and a form with the details of the application. Both needs to be reviewed, signed and returned to us by email. Usually, the POA needs not to be notarized.

Why is a trademark search advisable?

Owing a trademark grants the exclusive right to use that mark in the course of trade for all goods and services covered by the mark. Moreover, the owner of a trademark may, in principle, bar any third party from using the same or a similar mark for identical or similar goods and services in the geographical region for which the trademark is protected. Of course, this includes the right to prevent others from registering the sign as a trademark themselves.

Therefore, it is not only the registering of a trademark that may infringe the rights of the owner of a prior trademark, but also the mere use of the sign on or for the relevant goods or services.

Taking into account that several hundred thousand new trademarks are registered every year in the EU and its member states alone, conducting a search for prior rights before filing a trademark application or using the sign will significantly diminish the risk of violating third party´s rights and being involved in costly and time consuming court proceedings or opposition proceedings.