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Canada: Changes in trademark law expected in 2019

There are several Canadian trademarks legislative changes upcoming. The exact date was not announced yet, but we expect the new law to come into force in early 2019.

BREXIT: What IP owners should do now

Despite existing EU trademarks and designs, intellectual property rights should be registered locally in UK. If no treaty is reached between the EU and the UK by March 29, 2019 to the effect that currently valid EU-wide intellectual property rights (at least temporarily) also applying in UK after March 29, 2019, these intellectual property rights will no longer have any effect in UK as of March 30, 2019.

UAE and Saudi Arabia: New VAT on legal services

The UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs will implement An additional rate of %5 VAT “Value Added Tax” January 1st, 2018.

Is your company already in the transparency register?

Legal entities under private law and registered partnerships are affected by the new obligation to disclose information on beneficial owners. The details must be submitted to the Transparency Register by 30 September 2017.

Nomen est omen - What can be used as a company name?

First impressions count. Even at a company name. Therefore, the company name must be well chosen: easy, understandable, not too long or too similar to others. We show what needs to be considered.

Before filing a trademark application: Check for grounds for refusal and similar trademarks

Not everything can be registered as a trademark and not everything can be infringed. Trademark searches reveal the risks at an early stage and protect against misinvestments.

How to protect an artist name?

There are many well-known artists who do not appear under their common name. Particularly when it comes to the marketing of artistic services and possible merchandising products, the question arises as to how an artist's name can be protected.

WIPO: New Madrid Monitor and Madrid Member Profiles database

Madrid Monitor will replace ROMARIN for searching and tracking international trade mark applications via the Madrid System. Madrid Member Profiles database gives a quick overview about the trademark laws and examination procedures of Madrid System members.

Trademark event: Join us at INTA 2017 in Barcelona

Meet us at this year's Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Barcelona, Spain on 20-24 May.

Russia: Patent and Trademark Office fees to be significantly increased

Trademark and patent owners or firms who intent to file IP rights should hurry up and prepare their filings before the fees will be increased by 2-3 times.

Right of Residence in Germany - Self-employed Persons

The 4th and last part of this series explains the prerequisites subject to which a foreign national is permitted to live and work in Germany as a self-employed person.

Right of Residence in Germany - Employees

Workers install a new escalator during maintenance work at the Stuttgart Main Railway Station.

The 3rd part of this series explains the prerequisites subject to which a foreign national is permitted to live and work as an employee in Germany.

Right of Residence in Germany - Introduction of the Residence Titles

Introduction of the Residence Titles

The 2nd part of this series deals with the various residence titles (visa, residence permit, EU Blue Card, Settlement Permit and Permanent EU Residence Permit) and their general prerequisites.

Right of Residence in Germany - Overview

Right of Residence in Germany

The 1st part of this series explains the right of residence of foreign nationals from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Registering Your First Trademark in the U.S.

USPTO trademark registration certificate

Registering a trademark or service mark makes it easier for the owner to protect it against would-be copiers and puts the rest of the country on notice that the mark is already taken.

Saudi Arabia: Increase in trademark fees and procedural changes

Major procedural and fee changes in Saudi Arabia will be implemented soon, according to the Saudi Trademark Office.

EU trademark owners: Already filed your Article 28 declaration?

Analyze your trademark portfolios for EU and international registrations designating the EU if they are eligible to file a clarification of their list of goods and services. Hurry up deadline ends September 2016.

BREXIT - what will happen with EU Trademarks and Community Designs?

When the results of all districts were in early this morning, it became obvious: the British public voted “leave” in yesterday´s UK referendum and the United Kingdom will become the first country to ever withdraw from the European Union. Owners of EU trademarks and Community Designs will thus be well advised to review - and maybe amend - their IP filing strategy.

China: Trademark office is short of paper

Issuing of trademark registration certificates through the Chinese Trademark Office is delayed due to lack of paper.

Doing business in Germany?

Thinking about doing business in Germany or in the EU? If so, you better also think about setting up a German company – ideally, one with a limited liability to save your personal assets!

Kuwait: Increase of official trademark office fees

The Kuwaiti Trademark Office decided vide circular 13/2015 dated 27.12.2015, the implementation of new official fees for all Trademark procedures.

India: Draft Trademark (Amendment) Rules, 2015 published in India

Official fees will be increased again and a fast track procedure for trademark registrations will be implemented.

Brazil: New Rule for Design Application

The Brazilian PTO (INPI) published new rules for filing and processing design applications including new provisions for electronic filing.

UAE: Doubled official fees for trademarks

The official fees for trademark applications and registration in the United Arabian Emirates will be doubled.

Libya: Current situation regarding trademark office

Currently no new applications accepted


The free trademark search tool TMview is now available for several Asian countries.

China: Changes in trademark application

Read our recommendations regarding the recently allowed multiclass applications and adoption of 10th Nice Classification

China: New Practice and Requirements of the Chinese Trademark Office

Due to the adoption of the New Trademark Law on 1 May 2014, there has now been an announcement of a change of the detailed practices for trademark filings in China.

Changes to design and utility model patent applications in China

Extending design patent protection to software graphical user interface designs

New Trademark Regulations in Jordan

According to the new regulations, a duly legalized Power of Attorney specified for the legal procedure should be submitted along with the recordal of assignment, pledge or security interest within one year from the date of signing the Power of Attorney.

UAE Trademark Office- POA regulations

The UAE trademark has changed the regulations regarding the requirements of POA's for trademark applications.

Syria - changes concerning official approval of POA

The Syrian Patent and Trademark Office has changed the requirements regarding the official approval of powers of attorney.

India joins Madrid Protocol

Trademark protection in India can now be obtained via Madrid System.

Trademark Clearinghouse for trademark protection has opened

From Tuesday March 26 2013 Trademark proprietors from all over the world have the opportunity to lodge their trademarks with the trademark clearing house in order to secure their privileges in relation to the allocation of new Top Level Domains (TLDs).

Iran - Trade Mark Electronic Application System Launched

The Iranian Trade Marks Registrylaunched trade mark electronic application system on November 18, 2012that allows trade mark applications to be submitted online. This development follows successful inauguration of electronic application system for patents and industrial designs a few months ago.

How to incorporate a Mini-GmbH in Germany?

Are you thinking about doing business in Germany and are you not quite sure which kind of legal structure it should have? Are you thinking about a limited liability company but you don’t want to afford the initial capital of 25,000 Euro? Then we would suggest to found a limited liability entrepreneurial company (German official abbreviation: UG (haftungsbeschränkt)) - the so called “Mini-GmbH”.

Syria: Issuance of Law No. 18/2012 in respect of Patents, Utility Model, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits and Undisclosed Information

Please be advised that a new law for Patents, Utility Model, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits and Undisclosed Information has been issued in Syria. The new law will come into force on 1st June 2012.

Columbia joins Madrid Protocol

International registrations for trademarks through Madrid Protocol for Columbia possible starting from 29. August 2012.

Philippines join the Madrid Protocol

International trademark registrations through Madrid Protocol for Philippines possible starting at 25. July 2012.

Australia: New Federal Register of Business Names

A Federal register of Australian business names is due to make its debut on 28 May 2012, subject to harmonizing state legislation being put in place. It will consolidate and provide for the demise of the respective existing state registers and be administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Iraqi Trademark Office Announces the Third Group of the Missing Trademark Files Damaged in the War

We would like to draw to your attention that the Iraqi Trademark Office has published on 11 October 2011 a declaration in connection with the missing trademark files which were damaged in the war.

Trademark application in Cape Verde

We now offer trademark registrations in Cape Verde.

CTM turns 15

OHIM celebrates the 15th anniversary of the filing of the first Community trade mark applications.

OHIM: New "eSearch plus" service launched

OHIM has launched an exciting new search service combining the data in ten previous databases.

A sign composed exclusively of numerals may be registered as a Community trade mark

However, since it is a descriptive indication of the content of the publications covered by Technopol’s application for registration, the sign ‘1000’ is devoid of any distinctive character

India: New service classes 43, 44 and 45 are included in the Indian classification

Please be informed that now a trademark application can be filed from class 1 to class 45 which would conform to the NICE classification.

56,429 registered trade marks have been removed from the Register of Indian trade marks

Over the last six months about 56,429 registered trade marks have been removed from the Register of Indian trade marks due to non payment of renewal fees within time.

WIPO Launches One-Stop Search & Reference Tool for IP Laws and Treaties

WIPO launched WIPO Lex, an on-line global intellectual property (IP) reference resource which provides up-to-date information on national IP laws and treaties.

OHIM changes of practice

OHIM is introducing changes in practice on suspensions and extensions of time, and new guidelines on the presentation of evidence of proof of use in opposition proceedings.

Israel joins the International Trademark System

The Madrid System, which will become operational in Israel on September 1, 2010, offers trademark owners a cost-effective, user-friendly and streamlined means of protecting and managing their trademark portfolio internationally.

India: Amendments in the Indian Trademark Rules, 2002

The Government of India had in June 2009 published in the Gazette of India the amendments proposed to be made in respect of the Trade Marks Rules 2002. The Central Government has now made the following amendments which may be called as the Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules, 2010. They come into effect as on May 20, 2010.

Proposed change on opposition suspensions and extensions

OHIM is proposing a change in practice with regard to suspensions and extensions of time in opposition proceedings.

New OHIM database for comparison of goods and services

A new OHIM database, developed to help examiners be more consistent and efficient in making comparisons of goods and services in their decisions, is to be rolled out to the public later this year.

WIPO new logo

WIPO unveiled its new logo on 26 April 2010 – a date which marks the 40th anniversary of the entry into force of the WIPO Convention and the 10th anniversary of World Intellectual Property Day.

Hague Agreement- Change in the amounts of individual fee for the EU


Google keywords “not infringement” says ECJ Advocate General

The ECJ’s Advocate General has said that Google has not committed a trade mark infringement by allowing advertisers to select, in AdWords, keywords corresponding to trade marks.

Indonesia: Official Fees for Trademark Registrations revised

The new regulation includes several major changes to the official charges for trademark prosecutions.

Web hosters ordered to pay $32M for contributing to trademark infringement

Jury finds two companies enabled the sale of counterfeit Louis Vuitton goods

BRAZIL: New Official Fees Bring Important Adjustments

The Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has made relevant alterations in its official fees, including for trademarks, effective June 1, 2009.

UK: New trade mark fees and services

On 1 October 2009, the Trade Marks Directorate of the Intellectual Property Office is introducing a number of changes that will apply to applications for new trade mark registrations.

ICANN Says "Domain Tasting" Almost Eliminated

ICANN is claiming to have nearly eradicated the practice of "domain tasting" – registering domain names for short periods of time to see if online ads placed on them have money making potential.

U.S.: Announcing beta.uspto.gov

The USPTO announces the beta test release of its new Web site.

CTM: New service: payment by credit card of electronic renewal

Payment by credit card is now available when renewing Community trade marks and designs online.

Information note on CTM E-Filing

OHIM has introduced a number of changes that will apply when filing CTM applications online. These changes relate to how information should be entered and formatted in the online system.

WIPO to open Singapore mediation office

The World Intellectual Property Organization and the Government of Singpore have signed an agreement for the establishment of the Singapore Office of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre, which will officially open in January 2010.

Saudi Arabia: Changes to trademark law

The Ministerial Resolution No. 7553 dated 7 July 2008 amended Article 13 of the implementing regulations to the Saudi Trademark Law (Law no. M/21). This Resolution was published in the Official Gazette of 1 August 2008 becoming effective as of date of publication.

Sudan: New regulations regarding power of attorney

The Registrar of Trademarks issued new regulations regarding the power of attorney, requesting it now to be legalized up to a Sudanese Consulate.

Yemen: Increasing the Publication fees for Trademarks and Industrial Designs as of March 2009

The Minister of Trade and Commerce has issued a new ministerial decision in which he increased the publication in the official gazette "Al Tejara" by 60%.

Iran: New Intellectual Property Law by which registration of Industrial Designs is now possible

As of 10 March 2009, the new IP Law became effective, the main aspects of which provide for the registration and protection of Designs, as well as an increase in official fees.

Libya: Updates

This is to advise that as of the beginning of June 2009, the Registrar has issued new regulations in which he reduced the filing requirements as follows.

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